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Take Advantage of Fall to Get in Shape
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Take Advantage of Fall to Get in Shape


​All summer long the thought of doing anything outside in the Georgia heat filled you with dread. But there's good news. Fall is less than a month away and that means cooler temperatures and fewer excuses not to exercise.

If you have neglected your waistline over the summer, fall is a great time to get back into shape. With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, getting busy now will also help you fight off those holiday pounds. Make September the start of your new year!

Take advantage of the weather and the scenery. With the cooler temperatures and the changing of the leaves coinciding, fall is the perfect time for many outdoor activities, including hiking, kayaking, cycling and walking. Our local parks, state parks, Wildlife Management Areas and even scenic neighborhoods offer great places to get out, stretch your legs and burn some calories.

We all know it gets darker earlier during the fall, but that doesn't mean exercising must stop before dinner. You can run or walk with a lightweight flashlight and don't forget to wear some reflective material if you are walking along a road at night. Community tracks are also usually lit at night and offer the comfort of knowing you are not alone in a dark place.

Find little ways to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. Taking the kids to soccer practice? Don't sit in the car and read a book or listen to the radio. Take a stroll along the soccer field while the kids are practicing.

Have a meeting to attend? See if your colleagues are willing to have a “walking meeting." You can stroll around the block and discuss issues at hand. While taking notes might not be practical under those circumstances, you might find getting out of a busy office is the perfect environment for finding solutions.

If you work in a large building, avoid the elevator and take the stairs to burn some extra calories and get the heart pumping. Instead of emailing a co-worker, get out of the comfort of your chair and walk to their office.

Just because your Saturday is full of college football doesn't mean you have to be a couch potato. There are lots of easy exercises you can do while still focusing on your favorite team. Some people have a stationary bicycle at home that can fit nicely in the living room during kickoff. Treadmills are also a good at-home option can make TV viewing and exercising possible at the same time. There are also less intensive ways to burn some calories when the TV is on. Try getting rid of the remote control and getting up when you want to change the channel or lower the volume. Sit on a stability ball instead of that comfy chair. Perform isometric exercises.

Remember, if you have gotten out of the routine, you will likely find any new endeavor challenging. It takes about a month to make any routine a habit. Stay with your new exercise routine and you just might welcome the new year as a fitter, trimmer person.