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​​​​​Polk Wound and Preventive Foot Care

Patients with hard-to-heal wounds or ulcers may benefit from the care of our specially trained team of wound care specialists.

At Polk Wound and Preventive Foot Care, our staff provides traditional wound care and treats the feet and nails of diabetic patients  with the goal of preventing infection and ulcers.

Wound Care Services

  • Compression therapy wraps
  • Devices to relieve pressure on wounds, including short leg casts
  • Negative pressure wound therapy, using a wound vacuum device, to close deeper wounds
  • Preventive diabetic foot care 
  • Removal of unhealthy tissue
  • Specialty dressings and topical wound therapies
  • Skin grafts using the patient's own cells
  • Skin substitutes

Foot Care Services

Diabetes often causes a loss of feeling, sometimes making it difficult for people with diabetes to notice when their feet are cut or infected. Our foot care professionals treat the feet and nails of patients with diabetes to prevent infection and ulcers. People ​with diabetes should receive regular foot care check ups from their primary care physician or their diabetic care provider. 

  • ​Assistance with diabetic foot wear prescriptions
  • Cut toenails that are infected
  • Diagnosis and treatment of w​ounds
  • Education on proper foot care​
  • Evaluation to determine strength of blood circulation
  • Foot examination and testing for loss of sensation
  • Remove calluses on feet​


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For more information, contact the Polk Wound and Preventive Foot Care at 770.749.4180.​