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Screening Assessment

Participation in the Senior Enrichment program is voluntary. Physician referral is encouraged but not required. A no-obligation, pre-screening assessment is available to help families and individuals determine whether the program is appropriate for their needs.

Admission Requirements

To qualify for the Senior Enrichment program at Polk Medical Center, patients must:

  • Have Medicare as primary medical coverage
  • Not have dementia or Alzheimer's disease as a primary diagnosis
  • Be physically able to transfer from a wheelchair and use the restroom with minimal assistance 
  • Be able to participate in treatment and discharge planning
  • Be free of suicidal ideas or tendency for self-harm  
  • Demonstrate progress from group interaction​

Contact ​

If you or a loved one is interested in the Senior Enrichment program, call for a free pre-screening assessment. Our staff can help determine if our program is the right program for you. Call 770.749.4290 for a pre-screening assessment .

Physician Referral​

Physician referrals may be faxed to 770.749.4294.​