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​​​​​​​​Cardiac Rehabilitation

Polk Medical Center's cardiac care also includes rehabilitation for heart patients. The cardiac rehabilitation program is designed to help you regain strength and recover after a heart event. Whether you have experienced a heart attack or open heart surgery, valve replacement, cardiac stenting or angioplasty, our outpatient program provides a safe environment to prepare to return to daily activities.

All patients are given individual treatment plans reviewed, approved and monitored by a Harbin Clinic cardiologist. Those plans include exercise and personal health goals. Patients also receive education on taking medications, heart care, blood pressure and cholesterol care, eating habits and more​

Program Treatment

  • Personal exercise and nutrition goals approved and monitored by a Harbin Clinic cardiologist
  • Education about blood pressure and cholesterol care and taking medications
  • Monitoring heart activity during exercise sessions

Patient Story

When Lucy Cromer began experiencing symptoms related to heart attack, she chose Floyd and she says that decision saved her life. Lucy continues to choose Floyd's Cardiac Rehab program at Polk Medical Center, saying the staff is like family.




Patients should be referred to Polk Medical Center's Cardiac Rehabilitation program by their primary care doctor or cardiologist. For more information, call 770.749.4076.